New Year, New Opportunities: 4 Manufacturing Trends to Expect for 2015

With the New Year here, now is the time to look back on past challenges and past success—but even more importantly, look ahead toward the future.

The manufacturing industry is still seeing continued growth, innovation, and rebirth. U.S. manufacturing is more competitive than ever, and the economy is responding accordingly. But the landscape changes practically on a daily basis, particularly because of evolving technology, and in order to remain competitive, it’s important to take note of predicted trends for the coming year.

Here are four manufacturing trends to expect:

1) Going Social

It’s no secret that everyone is on social media these days, and that it has a direct impact on the entire way manufacturers do business. Customers today are highly connected and have high expectations. They can compare, review, and share information instantly with one touch, and therefore manufacturers will have to continue being as focused on customer service and satisfaction as ever.

2) The SMAC Stack

Never heard the term? SMAC stands for social, mobile, analytics, and cloud, and all manufacturers must be aware of it. It means companies must innovate and stay constantly connected to technology, and those who do will stay on top.

3) Reshoring and New-shoring

Factors ranging from lower fuel costs and rising technology at home, to higher overseas labor costs and international supply chain complexities have led to more and more businesses returning manufacturing to U.S. soil. It also means companies starting out will keep all production here in the U.S. It’s good for the economy and the workforce, and we can expect it to continue.

4) Greater Technology and Opportunities

The industry is extremely focused on science and technology these days, and is placing greater emphasis on hiring those who can keep up with it. This means more opportunities for people with a STEM background, and more time being spent on R&D—which leads to better products, better business, and even more opportunities down the road. As this continues, we can also expect more capital investment funding in innovative businesses and technologies.

It seems the industry has a lot of work cut out for it in 2015, and a lot to look forward to. We at Astro Machine are excited for what’s to come—and we wish everyone a happy, successful New Year!

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