A Look into the Custom Machine Building Process

The word “forte” is defined as one’s strong suit, or one’s highly advanced characteristics and talents. Every company has a forte—a process or product that defines them and is the highlight of what the company stands for. Why should Astro Machine be any different? Our specialty lies in our custom machine building process.

Although our expertise remains at a high level despite your specifications, our capabilities can handle any type of machine, including support equipment, and part processing and assembly equipment, as well as machines for final testing and quality control processes. At Astro, we make the machine-building process as easy and user-friendly as possible. Here’s how:

1. Present us with a drawing of your machine specifications. Don’t have one? That’s ok; we can work with you and provide any required CAD support.

2. Once we know your machine specifics, we will send you a proposed quote for the project. Once approved, an order for your request can be placed by your purchasing staff.

3. The process is handed over to a project manager: materials are ordered and details are finalized.

4. Manufacturing begins! Our production staff takes over and works their magic. The base of the equipment and all precision component parts are fabricated. All secondary finishes are applied.

5. Once the machine component parts are fully manufactured, we perform final assembly. This includes all mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic assembly as applicable.

6. Would you like to test the machine? No problem. We can cycle the machine in-house to simulate “in plant” conditions and provide testing support for your engineering staff.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, your machine can be processed, tested, and delivered promptly to support your stringent production schedule. Our machine building services are based on your custom specifications and our process is tailored for you!

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