Did you Know?: Complete Custom Machine Building Services

You may know Astro Machine Works for our line of individual services, such as high-quality welding or 5-axis machining. Perhaps you’ve come to rely on our reverse engineering services, or even our machine repair. But did you know that we provide full custom machine building? In fact, it’s actually our main forte.

We are considered true experts in complete custom machine building services. Clients in industries ranging from food processing to electronics, government to aerospace have come to rely on the custom machinery we make.

When a customer enlists our services for a complete custom machine, the project is overseen by a project manager who is both hands-on and a true expert. A dedicated team of electricians, welders, machinists, and more work exclusively on the project from start to finish, ensuring the highest level of quality and service.

Everything from the welding and fabricating of the base, through the machining, painting, and complete electrical wiring of the controls/panels to the plumbing of hydraulic/pneumatic systems is performed flawlessly. We provide all services, to the final testing and shipping, to meet and exceed all requirements and demands.

Complete custom mechanical and electrical systems and assemblies are our specialty, and as a result, we’ve become an industry leader in the field. Furthermore, if you have an existing machine for which you need custom parts, we can take that on as well. We have a true passion for this work, and it shows. Complete custom machine building is our forte, in case you didn’t know!

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